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The heart of the searchable on-line database is the ability to locate and track wells regulated under Article 23 of the Environmental Conservation Law, mainly oil, gas, solution salt mining and underground gas storage wells. In addition, the law also regulates brine disposal, stratigraphic and geothermal wells greater than 500 feet deep.

Three common ways to search on a single well are the API Well Number, Hole Number and Well Name (see help details). The drop-down menu contains a total of 20 search options that can be used singly or in combination. From within the search results, you can also chose other items such as: geologic tops, casing and cementing records, and production-related information. If this data is available, the link will be active. If no data exists, then NA will appear. There are more than 60 columns of search and sub-search results available starting from this page.

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