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Environmental Remediation Databases

Spill Incidents Database Search
(Includes spill data from Jan 1, 1978 through 07/17/2024)

This database contains records of chemical and petroleum spill incidents.

Under State law, petroleum and hazardous chemical spills that can impact the waters of the state must be reported by the spiller (and, in some cases, by anyone who has knowledge of the spills). Each spill record includes:
  • Administrative information (DEC region and unique seven-digit spill number)
  • Spill date/time
  • Location
  • Spill description, including spill source and cause, material(s) spilled, and resources affected
  • Region close date (cleanup activity finished and all paperwork completed)
Environmental Site Remediation Database Search
(Jan 1, 1978 through present, updated nightly)

This database contains records of the sites which have been remediated or are being managed under one of DER’s remedial programs (i.e. , State Superfund, Brownfield Cleanp, etc.). All sites listed on the "Registry of Inactive Hazardous Waste Disposal Sites in New York State" are include in this database. The Database also includes the "Registry of Institutional and Engineering Controls in New York State".

Each site record includes:
  • Administrative information, including site name, classification, and unique site code
  • Location
  • Site owner(s)
  • Institutional and Engineering Controls
  • Description of each site
  • Wastes known or thought to be disposed at the site
  • Assessment of environmental and health problems
Bulk Storage Database Search
(Updated Nightly)

There are two ways to search the database: By Bulk Storage Program Site Number or by other search criteria. Entering a site number will provide the record for one facility. Entering other search criteria will provide a list of BSP Facilities that meet the criteria, with partial information about each and links to additional information for each facility.

Each site record includes:
  • Location
  • Facility information, including site number, site type, site name, county, city, site address
  • Owner and Mail contact information where allowable by FOIL
  • Tank Information, including tank number, tank location, tank status, tank capacity, material and equipment details where allowable by FOIL

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