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Spill Incidents Database Search

There are two ways to search the database: by spill number or by other search criteria.   Entering a spill number will provide the full record for one spill.   Entering other search criteria will provide a list of spills that meet the criteria,  with partial information about each.


Search method #2:  Enter as many search criteria as are known. Leave the city or street blank to obtain search  results for all cities or streets. On the search results screen, click on a spill number to  access the full record for a given spill.

Date spill reported:
From   To

(Each search will be limited to a 12 month span unless street information is provided along  with a county or city as part of the criteria.)

Search Term Definitions:

County:  The name of the New York State county or adjacent area in a neighboring state or Canada in  which the spill occurred

City:  The town, city or village in which the spill occurred

Street:  Street name. The search will retrieve any street address that contains the entered string  of characters (i.e., a search for "Main" will retrieve "101 Main Street",  "33 Main Avenue", etc.) Hint: If you don't find what you're looking for, try a  variant spelling (e.g. "eighth" or "8th").

Date Spill Reported:  The date the spill was reported to the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

Glossary of Spill Response Terms