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Bulk Storage Database Search

The Bulk Storage Program Database maintains the registrations of over 60,000 active and inactive bulk storage sites statewide*. The Bulk Storage Program includes three types of facilities; Petroleum Bulk Storage (PBS), Major Oil Storage Facilities(MOSF) and Chemical Bulk Storage (CBS).

All search results will return basic facility information including Site Number, Status, Expiration Date, Site Type, Site Name, Address, and County. For many facilities, information regarding storage tanks is also provided including location, status, installation or closure date, capacity, product stored, and tank/piping equipment specifications.

For some facilities only basic facility information is provided because the Department has determined that releasing additional information could endanger the life or safety of persons or the security of critical infrastructure (Public Officers Law Sections 86.5, 87.2(f), 89.5(a)(1)(1-a)).


There are two ways to search the database: by Bulk Storage Program or by other search criteria.   Entering a Site Number will provide the full record for one Facility.   Entering other search criteria will provide a list of BSP Facilities that meet the criteria,  with partial information about each with links to additional information for each facility.

Search method #1: Enter a Site Number & Program Type:


Search method #2:  Enter as many search criteria as are known (County must be specified).   Leave the site name, city, or street blank to obtain search results for all site names, cities, or streets.   On the search results screen, click on a site number to access the full record for a given site.

Once a facility becomes unregulated, the Department no longer updates facility information  (e.g., facility (property) owner). For facilities that are not active, the search results for  the facility represent the information presented in the last registration/license application.


(Active facilities only)


* NYSDEC does not maintain the PBS registration records for the following three delegated counties (except for state owned facilities and public authorities which are available from NYSDEC):

1) Nassau County, contact the Department of Health.

2) Suffolk County, contact the Department of Health.

3) Westchester County, contact the Department of Health.

Phone numbers and contact names are available under Delegated County Contacts

Search Term Definitions:

Site Name: The name assigned to the facility by the Owner. The search will retrieve any facility name that contains the entered string of characters (i.e., a search for "station" will retrieve "fire station", "gas station", etc.).

Program Type : Program type of the facility (CBS=Chemical Bulk Storage, PBS=Petroleum Bulk Storage, MOSF=Major Oil Storage Facility).

County: The name of a county in New York State in which the facility is located.

City: The town, city, or village of the facility.

Street: Street name of the Facility. The search will retrieve any street address that contains the entered string of characters.

Region: DEC Region

Facility Status: Current status of the facility (i.e., Active, Inactive, etc.).

Expiration Date: Expiration date of the facility's registration certificate or license. Enter a date and the search will return all facilities with expiration date prior to and including that date. The search will return results for active facilities only.

* The search does not include facilities in the delegated counties listed above.